"Status: Busy"

"Status: Busy"     by:AJM (March 3, 2018)

Everything's spinning out of control

The clouds seem to hover alongside the moon

Every entity is making its way.

Somehow, the ones who don't have worries all that much

Find a way to ignore the struggles of those buried in mud.

They are dirty, they are angry, and they're damn right annoying

So why not just look in a mirror and find the enemy within?

Meanwhile, destruction is imminent; they'll make damn sure of it.

But for now, there are cats to be fed...

Once again she sits in traffic.

Untitled 95

Untitled 95


Thoughts drifted

Time wasted

Effort need not be exerted.


Dead end

Cycles and routines

Remind me of days when I flirted.


Nothing is near

Sailboat is steered

Off the precipice, sharp and distorted.


It could've been

More than a dream

Go someplace where no one is hurting.

(Copyright 2016, Mighty Meltdown Publishing)

They hurt my feelings

Bringing It To You

Tired of sitting on the sidelines, Nocturno Hayes accepted a last minute invitation to fill in at PoetryPalooza in Venice, CA on August 3rd, 2013.  He found himself behind his red guitar and a microphone for a 20 minute setlist.  The acoustics were great at the venue and the success of this performance magnified future efforts to bring the music to venues in the Los Angeles area.  Motivation is important but ultimately there are other factors that come into play when attempting to rally up the players.  Two months later, it can be said that the development of a setlist intended to be acoustic is under way.  Two other musicians have participated in rehearsals (or learning sessions) and it is possible that Nocturno Hayes will be hitting stages and open-mics come 2014.  So much to get done!!  Hope to see you soon.

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