2018 Performance

Nocturno Hayes performed amidst a handful of people on Sept.15, 2018.  The set list started with 3 new songs which were a live public debut. They have been recorded and are destined for a future album of "life-affirming songs".  After


"Status: Busy"

"Status: Busy"     by:AJM (March 3, 2018)

Everything's spinning out of control

The clouds seem to hover alongside the moon

Every entity is making its way.

Somehow, the ones who don't have worries all that much

Find a way to ignore…


Untitled 95

Untitled 95

Thoughts drifted

Time wasted

Effort need not be exerted.

Dead end

Cycles and routines

Remind me of days when I flirted.


Nothing is near

Sailboat is steered

Off the precipice, sharp and distorted.

It could've been

More than…