Origin of Nocturno Hayes - (singer)

...While lurking in the shadows of rejection and uncertainty...  He had to overcome the fear of failure that was hot on his trail... The instinct for survival grew stronger and as his heart pounded from the agitation of the chase... he learned to become invisible and inaudible (i.e. he gained control over the sonic realm, reducing it and distorting it at will) and as he learned to float, he cloaked himself, never allowing the hunter's eye another chance to bring him down. Taking a deep breath, he let out a battle cry and in the key of Bm sang out: "Enough!!" He struck quickly and the defeated oppressor was forced to retreat.


His newly acquired skill (STEALTH) allowed him to make many observations over the years and now he brings them to you as an offering, hoping that empathy will prevail.


Fueled by the comfort of the moonlight, who shed many a speck of truth for him, he was compelled to visit the Autumn Oracle who revealed to him that love was on the way, but he must stand firm against adversity.  It was then that she dubbed him: Nocturno Hayes.